PHOTOS: Neumos With Lots Of Friends


On Saturday, July 19 we rocked Neumos with a whole gang of friends. Check out the flow of the night in this awesome photo collection of friends by sistah Bo Kim:

DJ Daps1
FRIEND #1: DJ Daps1 had the turns spinning from doors to curfew, moving from soul to hip hop to reggae.

FRIEND #2: It was a family affair for Thaddillac, with a rare appearance by all three siblings of the legendary Turner legacy on stage together.

Geo Grynch
FRIEND #3 AND #4: Prometheus Brown and Grynch co-captained the Seattle version of Wu Tang, recruiting the following friends to rock an action-packed hip hop block:

FRIEND #5: Nam Nice

FRIEND #6:Wanz, who celebrated the release of his new single “To: Nate Dogg” along with “Thrift Shop” partner…

FRIEND #7: …Macklemore?!!

Otieno Terry
FRIEND #8: During our set, we were blessed with the vocals of the amazing Otieno Terry. See him at Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot.

Amazing night with friends. Best night of the summer. Our friends would agree.


Photos by Bo Kim. HIPBOCAMPUS

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