For the Sea-Foodies

We play music. We love food. Music can play a big role in how you taste food, and food can influence the way you hear music. Our senses are all connected, just as music and food are connected as integral building blocks of cultures all around the world.

Every time we get together for rehearsals, business meetings, and just straight-up kicking it, we always share food as a family. It’s one thing for us to choose what we cook up, but a very important thing we always consider is where the food we buy comes from. We don’t want hormones, preservatives, and other unnatural things in our bodies. Food should come straight from the earth, not from factories and laboratories. Cause if the food we put in our bodies is toxic, the toxicity is going to affect the music we play!

The weekend the Paks cooked a seafood feast for Jahyoo’s preschool teacher and her family, as a simple gesture of thanks for all the amazing work she does as one of the first teachers in his life. And without education, how could culture be passed down to the younger generations?

The Paks selected some wild shrimp, Pacific oysters, and Dungeness crab, all from local sources with integrity. Thought we’d share some photos from the feast, especially for all you sea-foodies!

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