Rebuilding the House of Shantz

Early this morning we hung out in Leschi for a bit to check out the house owned by our drummer Teo and his brother Ab. After an unfortunate incident with the Seattle Police SWAT on November 30, 2009 (The Seattle Times received the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the story behind this – read more here), the Shantz residence was completely destroyed, and they have since been working tirelessly to rebuild their home, and their livelihood.

This Thursday a major milestone will be reached in the family’s nearly three-year struggle, as the roof will finally be installed, just in time to protect the house from the imminent rainy season here in Seattle. Although things are definitely on the rise, the house is still very much a skeleton, and we wish the family all the best in their mission to rebuild what was needlessly stripped from them. Stay tuned for more updates as they rebuild the house of Shantz…

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