Daniel Pak and Daniel Park at Amber Tonight

On the left: Daniel Park, bartender at Amber. On the right: Daniel Pak, singer/songwriter for Kore Ionz.

Tonight at Amber in Belltown something really interesting is going down for their annual pre-Labor Day island party. On stage, your braddah Daniel Pak will be at his usual position, in front of the mic with his guitar in hand. Nothing peculiar at all. But unless you’re a regular at Amber, we bet you didn’t know that behind the bar will be a bartender named Daniel Park slinging cocktails until last call!

Crazy thing is both have the same name (Pak and Park are synonymous as far as Korean surnames go) and they are both from the island of O`ahu! They met at a party at the old Mystic Rising (Pak and Kiley’s first band in Seattle with UW college friends) house in Lake City and have been friends since.

Both trace their Korean lineage back to King Hyeokgeose who founded the Silla dynasty at age thirteen in 57 BC. According to legend, a white horse led a village chief to the location of a big egg, and King Hyeokgeose was said to have been hatched from it amid rays of light. He was named after the bak (Lagenaria leucantha), a family of Asian gourd similar to the African calabash, from the egg’s resemblance.

So tonight when the party goes down at Amber, be sure to pay your respects to the two descendants of Korean kings who’ll be keeping the party going until the AM!

Kore Ionz perform at Amber tonight for their Tropical Escape Pre-Labor Day Kickoff. 2214 First Avenue, doors at 8pm, 21+, FREE! RSVP here.

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