Highline High School

At the end of March we were invited by Highline High School in Burien to perform an intimate show for a select group of their students. After the show we talked story with the diverse group for an hour about all sorts of topics, ranging from “how did you (such an unusual group of guys) all meet and start a band together?” to “who in the band got into the most trouble in high school?” to “what made you choose reggae?

It was a dynamic, progressive, and enlightening conversation, with a predominant message to the students of never being afraid to embrace the struggle and commit to a strong work ethic to pursue their dreams. When Owuor told them that if they keep their minds and actions focused on their passion and realize that failure is all part of the path to success “one day you’ll all be bosses,” there was a huge uproar of applause from the students. They got the message.

Note to educators: Kore Ionz are committed to working in the schools and building community today’s youth leaders. Hit us at booking@koreionz.com if you’re interested in bringing us out to your school!

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