Photos: Last Days in Jakarta with ASAP

ASAP is an Indonesian rock band signed to Michelin Records with classic rock, progressive rock, and metal influences. They are some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever met and also some of the most humble. They will be coming to Seattle in July to record two singles which members of the Kore Ionz team will help to produce. Known for perpetuating the angklung, a traditional bamboo instrument from West Java, their music is powerful and uplifting.

Hanging out with ASAP at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta.

Nasi padang spot near Michelin Studios. You sit down, they bring you a small plate of EVERYTHING they make, and they charge you only for what you eat. Lots of chili, lots of coconut milk, and lots of offal!

On the very last night, Pak Michelin took us to Score! for one last celebration. Just minutes after I sit down, the cover band on the gigantic stage calls me (by name) onto the stage to do a couple songs. After singing “No Woman No Cry,” and “Redemption Song,” I get off the stage and a man named Umar Lubis comes over to say hi. I find out later he’s a pretty famous movie star in Indonesia. What a trip. Can’t wait to see you again Jakarta. Now for 25 straight hours of travel back to Seattle…

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