Photos: Kediri Reggae Jamboree #3

Performing “Belltown” at the third annual Kediri Reggae Jamboree.

Den Basito, my new friend, and a hero of the youth in his village just outside of Kediri. A great leader in the Kediri reggae community who welcomed me onto the stage at the festival. Taught me a lot about the culture and the language. Will definitely be keeping in touch with him.

Talking story with the bassist of the band that backed me at the festival. On the far right is Pak Michelin, the owner of Michelin Records that brought me out to Indonesia. If you’re wondering, “Pak” is a prefix used before someone’s name that means “Mister.” So my name in Indonesia is Pak Pak.

Ducks on motorcycles. On the way back to Surabaya airport.

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