ThisThat in Taipei? No Way!

So Estelle and I get off a 13 hour flight from San Francisco to Taipei and head straight to the food court for a bowl of steaming hot wonton noodle soup and chicken balls. On the way, we stopped to take a photo with a dragon to send to the boys, and as I’m editing the photo on my iPhone trailing the Estelle tour manager auto-pilot, someone passes by in the airport crowd. Someone all too familiar. Was it really him? Nope. No way. Not all the way in Taipei. Need. Food.

After we head back to the gate to catch this final plane to Jakarta, we plug into the free Wi-Fi real quick. I start to mix a song by the Youngstown band for the Arts Corps fundraiser, and just as I’m settling into the vocal editing process, he walks by and we make eye contact. OMG it was him! Braddah Eric from ThisThat in West Seattle! In Taipei! With his sister Holly! On their way to visit his girlfriend’s family in Cambodia! And the craziest thing I just realized as I write this is I pass ThisThat’s shop on Delridge right off the West Seattle bridge on my way to Youngstown every week!

As Owuor always said, “Whenever we travel far from home, the world gets a little smaller.” True dat braddah. On to Jakarta…

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