This is what it looked like at Bumbershoot 2009 after the sun broke through the clouds and told the rain to go away. This year we are back, ready to rock the Fisher Green this Sunday once again. And, if The Seattle Times comes correct with its prediction, the weather will be nice and sunny all weekend long for all you Bumbershooters!

We’re stoked to promote the new album, World War Free, and we’ll be at the f.y.e. booth next to the Fisher Green for a meet-and-greet immediately following our set. Super happy to announce that “Love You Better” is receiving heavy radio play on Island 98.5 in Honolulu (call 808-296-9850 to request it!) and on Native FM in Hilo and Kona (call 808-969-N8TV). Also excited to rock the new single “First Avenue,” featuring local hip hop hero Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars – wonder if he’ll be around this weekend to jump on stage with us?

Finally, as most of you already know, Bumbershoot did release a limited number of Kore Ionz fan discount tickets. We don’t know if they’re still available, but you can definitely try with the discount code “F2AD9” when you order online. Today is the very last day to purchase advance tickets! Go get um!

Kore Ionz perform at Bumbershoot 2011 on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at the Fisher Green Stage from 12:45-1:30pm.

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