Native FM

Back in June we sent a stack of the Love You Better EP to radio stations down the West Coast and over to Hawai’i. And then we waited. Made phone calls. Sent emails. And waited. Then, in the middle of July, our promotions manager (Kiley!) sent a text saying that “Love You Better” was on heavy rotation on Native FM, broadcasting in both Hilo and Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i. For real?

Kiley then contacted all the DJs on the station and got us an invite to do a live in-studio with Jake Show. The timing was perfect as we were just about to leave for the islands to perform at Kapi’olani Community College on O’ahu. And so the band sent me over to Hilo to represent, armed with just an ‘ukulele. The in-studio was great. Jake is the man. He had me perform “Love You Better” and “Morning Son” as well as premiering the album versions of “Only One” and “First Avenue” off the new album, World War Free, which is currently live on iTunes!

The biggest trip of the trip came right after I left the station, heading up to Reeds Bay to relax before heading to the airport. A couple of reef fishermen were lugging in a big cooler full of fish they had just caught. One of the guys saw my ‘ukulele and asked if I played in a band. I told him I played in a band called Kore Ionz, and that I was just on the radio. As soon as the words came out of my mouth his face dropped and he slapped his friend in the arm exclaiming, “Brah! Dis da guy! My favorite song on the radio!” He then proceeded to sing all the lyrics to “Love You Better.” It was surreal. Unreal. We quickly became friends and hung out while they cleaned the fish. They invited me to a fish fry with their family, but I sadly had to decline and get my ‘okole to the airport. But I did promise we’d be back very soon, with the whole band. What a great trip. See you braddahs soon…

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