Notes From The Road: WOW Hall (Eugene, OR)

Friday, June 3, 2011

12:00PM Mahalo Tour Van (courtesy of Thaddeus Turner) picks up the band at our usual meeting spot in Mt. Baker, just as the sun breaks out of the clouds. As we leave Seattle, the van smells of coffee, Red Bull, and Kiley eating tacos.

3:00PM After a three hour business meeting in the van we arrive in Portland. First stop is Music Millennium on Burnside to get the Love You Better EP on the racks. Just a few blocks away is a new Hawaiian restaurant called Ate-Oh-Ate…the fried rice omelette is the grinds.

4:00PM Quick stop at KBOO to drop off a copy of the EP for our friend Ras Danny who does the Higher Reasoning Reggae Time show every Sunday from 3-6am. We may be joining him in the studio on June 25th right after the J Boog show in Portland. Now to find our way back to the I-5…next stop Eugene!

8:30PM We pull into Eugene just as the sun starts to disappear behind the Oregon foothills. Again, our first stop is at the local record store called CD WORLD to get the new EP on the shelf. There’s a big poster of Thaddeus Turner on the wall with Maktub – it’s pretty epic. Ahkeenu picks up a Midnite album and Kiley grabs the new Stephen Marley and we head straight to the WOW Hall.

11:30PM The WOW Hall is awesome. It’s the same idea as the Vera Project in Seattle (non-profit and youth run) but with more grit and an earthy smell. We’ll definitely be back! Medium Troy hits the stage and knocks the ball out of the park. Eugene’s finest!

1:00AM Our tour manager Kizamu gets a random invite to a Hawai’i party but when we get there it’s already shut down for the night. What happened?

1:30AM Downtown Eugene is cracking. Random people are screaming, there are a few well-intoxicated dudes laid out on the sidewalk, and a long line begins to form at this taco truck. We order a bunch, with this cream sauce all over. DELICIOUS! We go back to the house of Medium Troy frontman JoJo, talk story for a while, and call it a night.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

10:00AM Quick breakfast and it’s back to Seattle!

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