Love You Better EP Available Now!

Love You Better EP released May 28, 2011. Cover artwork by the Super Shantz Bros.

SEATTLE!!! Last night you completely packed Nectar Lounge. Fully. Like that old “sardines in a can” saying. Legendary DJ Soul One rocked classic roots reggae cuts mixed with all the hits you hear on KCCN back in the islands. Medium Troy and naturalHI got the party started, and by the time we took the stage, all we could hear was screaming. YOU screaming!

We heard so many amazing stories last night! Like our braddah who rode his motorcycle from Seattle to Reno with Half-hour Revolution on loop the whole way down. And the beautiful young couple, recently engaged, who met for the first time at a past Kore Ionz show at Nectar Lounge! It was nothing but love in the building. Photos coming soon!

If you didn’t grab a copy of the Love You Better EP last night, be sure to pick it up at Easy Street Records, Silver Platters, or ‘Ohana Belltown. Retail outlets in Hawai’i, California, and Oregon to be announced soon. And of course, you can always download it on iTunes. Big shout out to the Super Shantz Bros. and all the families that made the amazing cover artwork a reality!

In June we’ll be making our way down to Eugene, up to Bellingham, back to Seattle for a quick marathon, and down again to Portland (see all tour dates). And then it’s right back to the studio to finish the full album, which will be out later this summer. More music coming soon! To be continued…

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