Love You Better EP Release

Love You Better EP Release show Saturday, May 28, 2011 at Nectar Lounge. Design by Rock Paper Sketch.

Seattle world-reggae-rockers Kore Ionz kicked off the New Year with a live in-studio performance on KEXP 90.3 FM that peaked at #19 on the station’s Top Live Performances chart, falling right below Death Cab For Cutie. Kore Ionz finished off the four-song set, hosted by Kid Hops, with a world premiere of the title track from the ‘Love You Better’ EP, to be self-released on May 28th at Nectar Lounge.

Written by Hawai’i-born singer/songwriter Daniel Pak just months before his first son was born in April 2009, “Love You Better” is an optimistic glimpse into the future. “I took our Shar Pei for a walk at Seward Park and was listening to some Gregory Isaacs,” Pak recalls, “and all of a sudden the combination of Gregory’s voice with the sunshine released this hurricane of emotions I was feeling at the time, with fatherhood on its way, and a new album (and band, really) finally on the horizon. The lyrics came in five minutes.”

The second track on the EP is “Conductor,” an uplifting, Echoplex-propelled call by Pak to an anonymous “conductor” to “keep us on the track…keep us moving like in my dreams.” The EP also features a dub version of “Sweet Reggae Music,” which was digitally released as a single in late March 2011.

Co-producing the EP (and the forthcoming full-length, out this summer) is Mell Dettmer, producer for the king of Seattle roots reggae, Clinton Fearon, and caretaker of front-of-house sound for Femi Kuti, the eldest son of Afrobeat creator Fela Kuti.

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