University of San Francisco

Kore Ionz at University of San Francisco, April 1, 2011. Photo by John Tremeroli.

April 1, 2011

6:15AM Kore Ionz wake up call after performing the night before at The Triple Door. Quick jump in the shower. No time for breakfast. No time for coffee.

7:15AM Drop off cars at Teo’s. Everybody jump into the tour van. Pick up Thaddeus. He’s still in his underwear. On to the airport.

7:45AM SEA-TAC Airport. Aham gets off the light rail. Brendan and Kiley arrive. Quick coffee stop and on to the gate.

8:55AM Southwest Airlines flight 1003 to Oakland. All roof panels of the Boeing 737 remain intact.

11:35AM Pick up mini-vans at Enterprise. It’s hot. And sunny. Beautiful drive over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco.

1:30PM Amazing lunch at Mexican spot two blocks from the USF campus. They have Wi-Fi! So nice outside, warm and slightly overcast. Waiting around on the street for something to happen is no problem at all.

Kore Ionz at University of San Francisco, April 1, 2011. Photo by Pak.

3:30PM Soundcheck finished. Thanks to the headliner Augustana (Epic Records), we share the same backline. Logistics is rice and gravy. On to interview with USFtv and Kayla Kuhn of Resin Music. We are invited to an afterparty.

4:00PM Brendan leaves to meet with San Francisco friends. Kiley leaves for a small-kine family reunion. Aham, Galen, and Teo go wandering with friends. The rest of us jump into one of the vans and hit the city. No map, no smartphone. Just instinct.

6:00PM Lost on Fillmore Street. Thaddeus gets out to check out the Boom Boom Room. Randomly run into Elliot Martin, lead singer of John Brown’s Body, on the street. They’re playing at The Fillmore. Love John Brown’s Body.

Kore Ionz with Elliot Martin of John Brown's Body in San Francisco, April 1, 2011. Photo by Pak.

7:00PM Back in the greenroom at University of San Francisco. Trading stories from the day. Changing clothes. Brushing teeth. Making pretty. Almost game time.

8:15PM Intimate crowd at the War Memorial Gymnasium, with girls in the front row singing all the words for songs from Half-hour Revolution. A third of the audience is from Hawai’i. Good to catch up with island people after the show.

Kore Ionz at University of San Francisco, April 1, 2011. Photo by John Tremeroli.

9:30PM Post-concert reservation at Hukilau, the most popular Hawaiian food spot in the city. $5 loco moco hits the spot. The place is packed with drunk college students who all look like they’re from the islands.

11:30PM Teo, Aham, and Galen move on to approximately five afterparties. The rest of us get back to our respective lodging-provided-by-homies spots. Wake up call will be at 5:45am in the morning. Snoqualmie Casino with Katchafire awaits tomorrow…

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