“Sweet Reggae Music” Single is LIVE!

Kore Ionz released the "Sweet Reggae Music" single on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Cover design by Kris Wong.

It’s midnight right now on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. We just got home from rehearsal for our shows this week at The Triple Door (Thursday in Seattle), the University of San Francisco (Friday in San Francisco), and Snoqualmie Casino (Saturday in Snoqualmie, WA with Katchafire).

Popped open a slew of ice-cold beers. And now we celebrate because our baby, the “Sweet Reggae Music” single off the forthcoming EP, is now live worldwide!!!

Get it right now by clicking right HERE! No questions, no surveys, no email list signup…nothing at all. Tell your family and friends. Share it, burn it, love it (hope you do), learn it!

So why are we giving it away for free? Good question. We got families to provide for. We got too many bills to pay, just like you. Some of us even lost our homes. But no matter what the system can take away from us materially, it can never have our music. Well…unless it clicks on the free download link above! You know what we’re talking about.

Music was, is, and always will be for the people. You will be the voice. And we will be your messengers. Your servants. And to celebrate our first release in three years, this song is dedicated to you.

By all means, if you still have that iTunes gift card your auntie gave you last Christmas and got a couple bucks you haven’t used up yet, go get it on iTunes – it’s up there as well. But more than anything, music should never be about spending money. And it’s sad that we have to live this way. Is the ultimate goal of all the work we do the annual international tours that will keep our band of nine brothers sustainable and able to support our families through music? Of course.

But this is the very beginning of something beautiful. Like an anxious father waiting for his first child to be born. Like the fresh new growth bursting out of the earth as spring approaches, bringing the sun back to us in the Pacific Northwest. And we thank you for opening your ears and hearts as we pour out our own to try to do our part to make this aging world a better place for everyone.

Thanks for listening. Hope you like the song. And see you at the next show. Much love.

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