Kore Ionz #19 in Top Live Performances on KEXP 90.3 FM

Source: kexp.org (2/3/11)

We got a text message late last night from a special friend of the band who happened to be streaming the KEXP 90.3 FM live performance from her MacBook at home. While winding down her evening with Kore Ionz and a glass of Malbec, she surfed through the Top Live Performances chart and discovered that Kore Ionz is currently #19 – right below an indie rock band from Bellingham, Washington called Death Cab For Cutie!

In case you missed it, we performed live in-studio on the Positive Vibrations show with Kid Hops on the morning of January 8th. The entire performance was recorded and archived by KEXP 90.3 FM, which you can stream at your convenience right here.

Maybe if people keep listening and sharing that number 19 might jump up a couple spots…who knows?! The coolest thing of all is that people are listening, and for that we are humbled.

With that being said, we pop open our own bottle of red and toast to 2011 – which will soon deliver new music (and video) to you!

Speaking of Bellingham, Washington, we’ll be back on Saturday, February 19th to rock the Wild Buffalo once again. Come!

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