Shot in Georgetown

Kore Ionz photographed in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle by Matika Wilbur, October 2010.

Kore Ionz are working on a new album. We’ve been in and out of Aleph Studios in West Seattle since April 2010, recording and recording. And as of last week, we’ve put in well over 200 hours. Good news is we may have just a couple more sessions of recording before we start to mix. And so, things are starting to get really exciting.

With the songs breathing new life, we’re beginning to think about artwork, design, marketing, and all that good stuff that is the other half of the music industry. Our good friend Matika Wilbur, who has shot and interviewed K’naan, offered to pack up her lights and cameras for some action in Georgetown.

Georgetown is Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhood, distinguished by the numerous railroad tracks running north to south and the red brick remains of what used to be the original Rainier Brewery. Stop for lunch at the Kauai Family Restaurant for some ono-kine Hawaiian food, check out the vintage guitars at the Georgetown Music Store, and grab a Manny’s Pale Ale at one of the bars on Airport Way next time you head down.

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