Mutabaruka, featured on the 2008 Jamaica episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Mutabaruka is a revolutionary dub poet from Jamaica who speaks against colonialism and oppression, describing rastafarianism as “part of a universal quest which may also be pursued by other routes, such as Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity.”

We recently rediscovered a great poem of his, called “Revolutionary Poets,” while flipping through The Penguin Book of Caribbean Verse in English. Mutabaruka was featured on the 2008 Jamaica episode of the television show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Revolutionary Poets

revolutionary poets
‘ave become entertainers
babblin out angry words
ghetto yout’
bein shot down
guns an bombs
revolutionary words bein
digested with
bubble gums
popcorn an
ice cream
in tall inter conti nental

revolutionary poets
‘ave become entertainers
oppressors recitin about oppressors
oppressin the oppressors
where are the oppressed?

revolutionary poets
‘ave become entertainers
sippin coffee and tea
explainin what it’s like
to be down town
aroun town
up town dancin to
bee gees
gettin night fever
while the
salvation army is still leadin the

revolutionary poets
‘ave become entertainers
revoltin against change
that’s takin place
in their heads
while old ladies an others
are shot down dead
can’t write about that

revolutionary poets
‘ave all gone to the
creative art centre
to watch
the sufferin
of the people bein dram at ized by the
in their

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