Superhero Official Music Video

Here it is! The Superhero official music video! This is an important one, one that has the potential to start conversations that we need to have if we’re ever going to change things for the better. And it all starts up in the mind. Please share far and wide! Love is supreme!

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Skype Valentine’s Day Mojis

These are the new Skype Valentine’s Day Mojis! See the one with the coconut? If you send it to someone you love via Skype instant messaging (just click on the red heart in the picker and choose the coconut from the selection of Mojis) you’ll send an animated love note to the tune of “Love You Better,” which was chosen by Skype as one of the featured songs!

Thanks to Jen Czeisler and Max Levin at Rogue Octopus for setting up this awesome partnership! For more information about the new Mojis, check out the Skype blog!

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Superhero Release Party

Coming soon! Brand new single and music video! Drops on Valentine’s Day 2017. Pre-order on iTunes and Google Play starting January 31.

Kore Ionz performs at The Crocodile on Saturday, February 18! All ages! Get tickets at


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Bunny Wailer

Just got the call to open for Bunny Wailer at Showbox at the Market on Thursday, April 14. So excited to warm up the stage for the legend! Don’t miss this! Get tickets at

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Uncle Sam


As a kid growing up in Hawai`i, I’ll never forget the times my grandfather would take us to Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab on Nimitz Highway for those special family celebrations. Uncle Sam was proclaimed “Hawaii’s Culinary Ambassador,” is commonly referred to as the “Godfather of Poke,” and is a founding contributor to “Pacific rim cuisine.” It doesn’t get much better than being asked by Uncle Sam to perform at one of his intimate dinner parties and getting to hang with Seahawks star Michael Bennett and his family!

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Soul Power



Photo Credit: Chris Lee

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The Huffington Post: Starship (Official Music Video)

It’s Friday the 13th! Super stoked for The Huffington Post to premiere our new music video for Starship from the Feels Good EP!

You ready to leave it all behind? A better tomorrow awaits! Now that you know, don’t forget to share the secret location with your loved ones!


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Jazzbones with J Boog


Tacoma came out strong on a Saturday night with the sold-out Jazzbones packed to the gills for the show with the one and only J Boog. Nothing but shakas and lots of aloha! Mahalo to da808music for bringing us down! Chee!!!






Photos: jmeas! Follow @jmeas_

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Shakas Up! Bumbershoot Recap!


Nothing but sweet love in the sun at Bumbershoot. We assembled our largest band to date (including two dance crews) for an all-out music and dance extravaganza on the Fisher Green stage that had the best audience ever screaming “ALOHA” at us with their shakas raised up to the sky. Epic way to close out the summer! Good thing our braddah Jordan Nicholson was there to capture the vibes!

I wanted to go barefoot (you know, for the feeling) but the stage was so damn hot I had to keep my slippers on for the whole set.

All eyes were on the lovely ladies of THE CRUW during Superhero. Just looking at them I felt hot. All that black leather.

Big mahalos to Zebra Club for the super nice threads, especially the 10 Deep baseball tee. Gotta rock this one next time we play in Hawai`i.

OTIENO TERRY is the future of music, period. Just a giant well full of soul. The set went up into ultra high gear when he joined us for the last few songs, especially on First Avenue.

One day soon the shaka will be the universal sign of peace and love.

Extra large shout out to the biggest and baddest crew to date! Gonna need a tour bus to take this show on the road! We go, bumbai!

PHOTOS: Jordan Nicholson Photography
Follow @jordanloveskats

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WG206 Bumbershoot Interview

Check out this interview with WG206 that went down just moments after getting off the stage at Bumbershoot!

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